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How to file a proceeding

Fees to pay

Some proceedings entail fees, which must be paid when you file your proceeding.

Here is the detailed list of all proceedings subject to fees.

The following fees are valid from January 1st to December 31st 2023.

Social affairs section

Filing a proceeding is free.

Territory and environment section

The fees to pay are $86.20.

Economic affairs section

The fees to pay are $86.20.

Real estate section

Municipal taxation

The fees to pay are determined by the value of the property or the rental value of the building established by the municipality on the assessment role. This value is also written on the letter called “Assessor’s reply”, which you have received from the municipality.

If you challenge the value of the property, the fees to pay are:

  • 500 000 $ or less
  • 500 001 $ to 2 000 000 $
  • 2 000 001 $ to 5 000 000 $
  • More than 5 000 000 $
    $1 149.25

If you challenge the rental value, the fees to pay are:

  • 50 000$ or less
  • More than 50 000 $


  • To file a copy of a notice of expropriation, the fees to pay are $229.85.
  • To determine the amounts of indemnities arising from the establishment of a reserve for public purposes, the fees are $86.20.

Any other proceeding regarding real estate

The fees to pay are $86.20.

Please note that the Tribunal does not make any refunds.

  • Online

Credit card.

  • By mail

Cheque, money order or credit card. Do not send cash by mail.

  • In person

Cheque, credit card, debit card or cash.

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