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Mask-wearing personThe use of a mask or a tightly fitting cloth that covers the nose and the mouth is mandatory in the offices of the Tribunal, as well as on your way to the courtroom. You may take it off during your hearing. To read about all the measures regarding COVID-19, you may see our homepage

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Expropriation: a specialized procedure

Expropriation means that a department, agency or a municipality obliges you to cede your property or part of your property to it in exchange for a certain amount of money.

Expropriation also occurs when a department, agency or municipality requires you to grant them a right of way or any other type of servitude.


Note that the department, agency or municipality in question has the right to expropriate the property of a person for reasons of public interest; for example, for the development of a water and sewer network, the passage of a high voltage line, the development of a park or the widening of a road.


If you are not in agreement with the proposed amount of money or the conditions imposed for this expropriation by the department, agency or municipality, you can ask the Tribunal to modify them.


To know the steps to follow in this kind of situation, consult Expropriation: you have rights!

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