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Web accessibility is a field that is constantly evolving. Today, when we talk about accessibility, we do not focus solely on people with disabilities, but also on several client groups that could be marginalized. These groups include older people, illiterate people, people who speak foreign languages, people who use out-dated technologies, people who use emerging technologies, people with slow connection speeds, and users who have little or no experience with the Web. All of these individuals can now benefit from the adaptations proposed by the SGQRI 008 2.0 accessibility standards to facilitate browsing and find their way quickly through the mass of information available on the Web.

Compliance with Web accessibility standards

The Tribunal administratif du Québec (TAQ) has made a commitment to make its Internet site as accessible and inclusive as possible, so as to respond to the varied needs of its clientèle in an adequate manner. To do this, it has implemented a continuous improvement programme for its Internet site, so as to ensure the highest level of compliance possible with the Web accessibility standards adopted by the Secretariat of the Conseil du Trésor (SCT). Initially, the target standard is Standard SGQRI 008 2.0 concerning Web sites (HTML).

For more information about the SGQRI 008 2.0 standards, please consult the Web site of the Secretariat of the Conseil du trésor (SCT) concerning Web accessibility standards. (French version only)

Non-compliant content

Over the coming months, the Tribunal will progressively correct the shortcomings identified with respect to its Internet site.

Improvement concerning the accessibility of the entire site

General elements

• Improvements will be made to correct text display problems up to 200%, for example in the main menu.
• A Meta "Description" (series of key words) will be applied to the first three levels on each home page.
• Alternate style sheets will eventually be offered to resolve certain problems concerning colour contrast.

Specific known problems

• The animation on the home page will be modified so that the user can stop it as needed.

Offer of assistance for forms

If you have difficulty using the forms available, as a result of problems with the accessibility of the Web site, our information clerks will answer your questions, Monday through Friday, between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. Dial one of the following telephone numbers:

Québec city
418 643-3418


514 873-7154


Elsewhere in Québec
Toll-free number: 1 800 567-0278

Technological computer adaptation tools used to verify compliance

The following tools are used to verify the compliance of this Web site with the SGQRI 008-01 standards:

• HTML W3C validator;
• Microsoft Windows 7;
• Firefox version 3.5;
• Internet Explorer, version 6;
• Accessibility Toolbar, version 1.2 for Internet Explorer;
• Color Contrast Analyser, version 1.2;
• NVDA, version 2010.2.


Function of the non-compliance icon

When you see the icon, this means that the following content is not managed by the webmaster for the Tribunal's site and may not comply with the SGQRI 008-01 accessibility standards.

Function of the new window icon

When you see the  icon, this means that the link containing that icon will open in a new window.

Contribute to the improvement of the site

If you would like to contribute to improving the accessibility or friendliness of the Internet site, we invite you to contact the Tribunal at the following address:

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