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Review Board for mental disorder


A victim is a person who has suffered harm as a result of a criminal offence committed against that person or another person. This harm may be:

  • property damage
  • physical harm
  • emotional harm
  • economic loss

The victim is not a party to the proceedings. The RBMD may, however, grant a person the status of victim during the hearing.

Victim’ Rights

Victims have the following rights. They are entitled to:

  • ask the RBMD to send them the notice of hearing and a copy of the minutes of the hearing;
  • be informed of their right to prepare a Victim Impact Statement describing the harm suffered and the consequences of the accused’s conduct. This written statement must be filed with the RBMD before the hearing. The RBMD will send a copy to the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions, the accused, and the accused’s lawyer, if any;
  • have the written statement read during the hearing or presented in any other way authorized by the RBMD;
  • be informed of their right to file such a written statement with the Superior court of criminal jurisdiction that must review a finding of a high-risk accused;
  • ask that they be informed that a person accused has been granted a conditional or absolute discharge and his intended place of residence.

Victims may receive free help from the Crime Victims Assistance Centre (CAVAC).

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