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Review Board for mental disorder

Review of dispositions

When the RBMD decides that the accused be detained in custody or be conditionally discharge, it must review that disposition at least once a year to reassess the person’s mental condition. The annual review is mandatory as long as the accused has not been found fit to stand trial or has been absolutely discharged.

  • The review may exceptionally be extended to 24 months or, where the accused is high- risk, to 36 months.
  • A new hearing may be set by the RBMDif there is a significant change in the accused’s mental condition.

Based on the accused’s progress, the RBMD may therefore hold a review hearing more than once in the same year. The accused, another party, or the RBMD may also request a review.

Applications for a review must be sent in writing to the RBMD, with notice to the other parties, and indicate the reasons for the request, including any change in the accused’s circumstances.

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