Review Board for mental disorder

Information for the hospital

The hospital plays a very important role for the accused, particularly in relation to the care provided and the implementation of Review Board decisions.

A psychiatric report allows the Review Board to assess the significance of the threat that the accused represents to the safety of the public. The more complete and well-documented it is, the more information it provides to the Review Board, the accused and his lawyer.


Therefore, among other things, this report must describe the mental condition of the accused at the time of the hearing and try to predict his progress over time. It must also contain recommendations as to the measures that the Review Board should impose.

The health care team has the responsibility of monitoring the accused and must ensure that the latter respects the decision rendered by the Review Board in his regard.

If the accused does not respect it, the hospital must evaluate to what extent his conduct increases the significance of the threat that he represents to the safety of the public.


When this conduct increases the significance of this threat in the short term, the hospital may, depending on the circumstances:

  • increase the restrictions on the liberty of the accused, if the Review Board has delegated this authority to it;
  • complete a breach of order form and forward it to the competent police force;
  • apply to the Review Board for a review of the accused’s mental condition.

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