Review of a decision of the Tribunal

Normally you cannot contest the decision of the Tribunal. However there are some particular cases where a review is possible:

In one or other of following cases, you can make a written request, called “Application" to the Tribunal to review or revoke its own decision:

  1. You were unable to attend the hearing for a serious reason.
  2. After the hearing you discover a new fact that you could not have been aware of before.
  3. There has been a substantive or procedural defect serious enough to invalidate the decision of the administrative judges.


          For example, the Tribunal did not rule on a part of your application.

Your application for review or revocation must be forwarded to the Tribunal as soon as possible. It must indicate the number of the file or files involved in the decision of the Tribunal and the reasons why you are contesting it.

You can contest the decisions by the Immovable Property Division or in the matter of protection of agricultural land.


To do this, you must make a written application to the Court of Québec.


This application must be received by the office of the Court of Québec where the ground, building, lot, etc. concerned by the decision of the Tribunal is located not later than thirty days after the date of the decision.


For more information, consult a lawyer.

In certain exceptional cases where a decision of the Tribunal would not be reasonable in the legal sense, a proceeding for "judicial review" is possible before the Cour supérieure. To find out if your situation is part of these exceptional cases, contact a lawyer.

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