Hearings : As of June 1st, the Tribunal gradually resumes hearings and others activities in person. The use of technological means remains the preferred alternative.

Tribunal's services : Our employees remain available to answer any of your questions by phone. Our offices are opened only to the people called to a hearing or those who require an essential service.We offer you the possibility to forward motions to institute proceedings and other documents to the following address:

Liens vers le recours introductif en ligne

Am I at the right place?

You have to address the Tribunal administratif du Québec if you wish to contest a decision undered concerning you by a department, an agency (boards, commissions, hospitals, etc.) or a municipality. When you file a proceeding with the Tribunal, it must decide, after a hearing, if the decision you are contesting should be changed, reversed or confirmed.


However, not every decision of a department, agency or municipality can be contested before the Tribunal. Usually, the letter that is sent to you indicates if you have the right to contest its decision, since the Act requires it to inform you of this. For a complete list, consult the Proceedings before the Tribunal administratif du Québec


Each proceeding filed by a person with the Tribunal is then forwarded to one of the four divisions, according to its nature:


The Mental Health Division  deals with proceedings concerning persons deprived of their freedom because of their mental health condition. This division is part of the Social Affairs Division and has a particular procedure.

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