Face covering

Mask-wearing personThe use of a mask or a tightly fitting cloth that covers the nose and the mouth is mandatory in the offices of the Tribunal, as well as on your way to the courtroom. You may take it off during your hearing. To read about all the measures regarding COVID-19, you may see our homepage

General Explanations

Who is the conciliator?

The conciliator is an administrative judge who has received training on conciliation and how it works. His or her role is to help you and the representative of a department, agency or municipality have a discussion and find solutions.


The conciliator does not give his or her opinion, nor does he or she make a decision on your proceeding. He or she is neutral and unbiased.


If conciliation fails and you decide to go to hearing, be aware that the administrative judge that acted as conciliator cannot be the judge at the hearing.

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