Face covering

Mask-wearing personThe use of a mask or a tightly fitting cloth that covers the nose and the mouth is mandatory in the offices of the Tribunal, as well as on your way to the courtroom. You may take it off during your hearing. To read about all the measures regarding COVID-19, you may see our homepage

General Explanations

What are the benefits?

Conciliation allows you to play an active role in resolving your case: in effect, it is not the conciliator who decides on a solution, but the people who participate in the conciliation.


It also gives you the opportunity to exchange certain information with the representative of the department, agency or municipality, to disclose or clarify certain facts and to express your point of view or your feelings. This discussion could allow you to view and appreciate the situation differently and could lead you to reach an agreement with the representative.


Even if you are unable to reach such an agreement, conciliation quite often will allow you to better understand the situation, to obtain more information, to better understand the rules which apply to your situation and, finally, to be better prepared for the hearing.

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