How does conciliation end?

Conciliation may be terminated by a complete or partial agreement. It may also come to an end because you and the representative of the department, agency or municipality are unable to reach an agreement.


1. If you arrive at an agreement, your agreement must be in writing and signed. It is generally inscribed in a Tribunal document entitled “Conciliation Agreement".


You must abide by this agreement since it has the same value as a decision rendered by an administrative judge. This agreement puts an end to your proceeding.


2. If you arrive at a partial agreement, that is to say, if there is agreement on only some of the issues, you still have the right to proceed to hearing with respect to the matters which have not been resolved.


3. If no agreement is possible, you still have the possibility to proceed to hearing. In this case, the administrative judge who acted as conciliator cannot act as the judge at the hearing.


You may also choose to drop your proceeding. If you choose this option, you must discontinue it. In order to do this, you may send the Tribunal a signed letter informing it that you wish to terminate your proceeding or complete and sign the discontinuance declaration.

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