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The Tribunal

The Tribunal’s Administrative Judges

Administrative judges are at the heart of the Tribunal’s activities. Their role is to render a decision at the end of a hearing or act as conciliators, as the case may be.

The Tribunal has more than one hundred administrative judges appointed by the members of Cabinet. Prior to their appointment, they practised the professions of lawyer, notary, physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, accredited appraiser, urban planner, architect, engineer or agronomy engineer.

Role of Coordinating Administrative Judges

The Coordinating Administrative Judges are responsible for ensuring the rapid and efficient processing of proceedings handled by the Tribunal with respect to the subject matters and regions under their responsibility.

They provide support to the vice-president and the Secretariat in the management and scheduling of cases. They help resolve problematic situations by working with the parties involved. They ensure that the Tribunal uses the tools that are appropriate to the nature and distinctive elements of the proceedings before it, in order to find satisfactory and optimal solutions. For example, they might hold case management conferences or pre-hearing conferences to encourage the progress of the proceeding and direct it towards either conciliation or a hearing.

List of administrative judges

As of March 31, 2020, the Tribunal had 117 administrative judges.

  • Sylvain Bourassa
    President General Director of the Tribunal
  • Jacques Boulanger
    Vice-President of the Social Affairs Section
  • Sébastien Caron
    Vice-President of the Immovable Property Section, of the Territory and Environment Section and of the Economic Affairs Section
  • Marie-Ève Corney-Robichaud
    President of the Review Board for mental disorders, responsible of the mental health Division

Full-time Judges

  • Boulanger, Jacques, Vice-President
  • Corney-Robichaud, Marie-Ève, President of the Review Board for mental disorders
  • Beaudry, Manon
  • Bernier, Marcel
  • Boisclair, Sonia
  • Boissy, Benoît
  • Bolduc, Louis
  • Bottino, Presha
  • Bouchard, Diane
  • Boulianne, Stéphanie
  • Bourbeau, Julie
  • Bourdages, Isabelle
  • Bourgault, Richard
  • Brisson, Anick
  • Brosseau, Cynthia
  • Caux, Pierre
  • Chapleau, Denis
  • Charette, Stéphanie
  • Côté, Christine
  • Côté-Nolette, Rémi
  • Couture, Sonia
  • Dannet, Jérôme
  • Dao, Claudia, Coordinating Administrative Judge
  • Deschênes, Mario
  • Dieudonné, Jean-Rosemond
  • Doutrelepont, Frédéric
  • Dufour, Jean-Marc, Coordinating Administrative Judge
  • Évangéliste, Mario
  • Fontaine, Gilles
  • Gagné, Odette
  • Gagnon, Marie Annik, Coordinating Administrative Judge
  • Gareau, Marie-Andrée
  • Ghali, Michel
  • Ghorayeb, Serge
  • Gilbert, Maxime
  • Gill, Sandra
  • Girard, Steve
  • Gouin, Hélène
  • Gouveia, Paulo
  • Houle, Mélissa, Coordinating Administrative Judge
  • Labrèche, Jacques
  • Lacasse, Gisèle
  • Latulippe, Pierre R., Coordinating Administrative Judge Quality and judicial consistency
  • Lauzon, Judith
  • Le François, Lucie
  • Le Moyne, Yvan, Coordinating Administrative Judge
  • Leclerc, Carl
  • Lefebvre, Karl, Responsible for the Administrative Judges Technology Table
  • Lefrançois, Guy
  • Légaré, Geneviève
  • Lepage, Marion
  • Lincourt, Isabelle
  • Marchetti, France
  • Massé, Virginie, Coordinating Administrative Judge
  • Morissette, Éric
  • Paré, Jonathan
  • Perron, David
  • Pierre, Natacha
  • Poirier, Annick, Coordinating Administrative Judge
  • Provost, Julie
  • Randoin, Michèle
  • Rivard, Michel
  • Roberge, Martin
  • Rochelin, Gertrude
  • Roy, Sylvain
  • Savoie, Sarah-Anne
  • Scarinci, Christine
  • Tanghe, Karina
  • Tanguay, Marie-Andrée
  • Tremblay, Jean-Philippe
  • Vallières, Hélène

Part time Judges

  • Beaulieu, Carole
  • Bédard, Alain
  • Bibeau, Natalie
  • Borduas, Robert
  • Carpentier, Jocelyn
  • Cournoyer, Gérard
  • Courtemanche, Marcel
  • Delorme, André
  • Deslandes, Pierre
  • Filion, Michel
  • Gaudrealt. Karine
  • Gauthier, François
  • Goulet, Karine
  • Gravel, Denis
  • Guay, Pierre
  • Hamel, Louise
  • L'Heureux, Bruno J.
  • Landry, Jennifer
  • Lejeune, Natalie
  • Leroux, Jean-Robert
  • Millaud, Frédéric
  • Nobécourt, Philippe
  • Nolet, Louise
  • Patenaude, Jean-Victor
  • Pilette-Kane, Yolande
  • Ramsay, Jacques
  • Tardy, Solange
  • Tétreault, Pierre
  • Vanier, Lyne
  • Vasil, Nancy
  • Waechter, Michel

Full-time Judges

  • Caron. Sébastien, Vice-President
  • Beaudoin, Matthieu
  • Charest, Marie
  • Côté, Daniel
  • Durand, Martine
  • Francoeur, Jaqueline
  • Gagnon, Guy, Coordinating Administrative Judge
  • Godbout, Sharon
  • Gosselin, Charles
  • Goyer, Manon
  • Lavoie, Steven, Coordinating Administrative Judge
  • Lécuyer, Jean-François 
  • Pelletier, Véronique
  • Proulx, Josée
  • Séguin, Pierre
  • Tremblay, Philippe

Full-time Judges

  • Caron, Sébastien, Vice-President
  • Boutin, François
  • Lévesque, Suzanne
  • Sarrazin, Pascal
  • St-Pierre, Mario, Coordinating Administrative Judge

Part-time Judge

  • Julien, Isabelle

Full-time Judges

  • Caron, Sébastien, Vice-President
  • Dulude, Stéphane F.
  • Guérard-Kerhulu, Annick
  • Lanthier, Pierre
  • Laverdière, Odette
  • St-Pierre, Mario, Coordinating Administrative Judge

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