The Tribunal

Mission, vision and values


The Tribunal’s mission is to provide citizens with a specialized and accessible administrative justice. It decides with quality, coherence and celerity of the appeals between a citizen and a public administration in Social Affairs, Real Estate, Economic Affairs, in Territory and Environment and in Mental Health. It also acts as the Review Board for mental disorder.



The vision statement is divided into the following three axes:

Axis 1 - To be a tribunal known and recognized for its expertise and accessible in all regions of Quebec.
Axis 2 - To be a modern and mobilized tribunal offering innovative solutions.
Axis 3 - Inspire and maintain confidence in the Tribunal.


To guide it in the fulfilment of its mission and the governance of its institution, the Tribunal emphasizes five institutional values to be upheld by each member of its team :

People act neutrally, objectively and with integrity.

People display their commitment through their attitudes and actions in a spirit of collaboration and efficiency.

People act with dignity, courtesy and openness.

People develop, maintain and pass on their skills

The Tribunal acts autonomously and treats everyone fairly.

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