Our pledges to you

Our commitment to citizens, set out in the Declaration of services to citizens, affirms the Tribunal’s desire to provide quality services to citizens. They are mainly directed at persons who have filed a proceeding before the Tribunal.

The Tribunal commits to serve you with competence

  • By giving you access to qualified personnel.
  • By providing you with clear, complete, and accurate information.
  • By making sure that you understand the information provided.

The Tribunal commits to serve you respectfully and courteously

  • By identifying ourselves, welcoming you politely and attentively when you address us.
  • By treating you with consideration and listening when you contact us.

The Tribunal commits to offer you accessible services and
adequate support

  • By putting various means at your disposal to obtain relevant information: website, telephone service, brochures, and forms.
  • By proposing all the mechanisms that could promote the quick settlement of your dispute, particularly conciliation and case management conferences.
  • If need be, by guiding you in the drafting of the claim relating to your proceeding before the Tribunal, or by referring you to the principal organizations that could offer you help.
  • By offering hearings and conciliation sessions in various regions of Quebec.
  • By taking the necessary means to promote access to services for disabled persons and by ensuring that the premises are adapted to your needs when you make a request to that effect.

The Tribunal commits to serve you within reasonable delays

  • By opening your file and confirming receipt of your claim within 5 business days.
  • By calling you back or answering your email within 2 business days. 
  • By sending you the documents you requested within 5 business days.

You have an important role to play in allowing us to respect our commitments and guarantee the proper unfolding of your proceeding. We are counting on you to:

  • Let us know quickly if there are any changes to your situation that could have an impact on how your file is processed or any changes to your coordinates.
  • Tell us if you have a disability and have specific needs.
  • Be available to answer our personnel’s questions or to attend any meeting necessary for the proper unfolding of your proceeding.

If you are unhappy with our services despite our efforts to serve you well, you can contact us. We commit to respond within 20 business days.

Tribunal administratif du Québec

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