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Language policy

The Tribunal uses French when it writes to you. However, on request, you can receive an English translation of any document which the Tribunal sends you. Special rules apply to legal persons, companies and firms. To learn more, we invite you to consult the Politique linguistique du Tribunal administratif du Québec (French version only).

In addition, the Tribunal’s first language of contact with the public, either over the telephone or in person, is French. However, you may ask to be served in English.

In hearings and conciliation sessions, you may speak in English. It is, however, better that you inform the Tribunal as soon as possible of your desire to be heard in this language. Furthermore, the representative of the department, agency or municipality whose decision you are contesting, the witnesses and the lawyers, can express themselves in either French or English.

Generally, the administrative judges write their decisions in French. However, you can request a translation into English, at no cost.

Right to an interpreter

The Tribunal does not provide an interpreter. If you are not able to follow what is going on at the hearing because you do not understand or do not speak the language used at the hearing, you may be assisted by an interpreter. You must, however, assume the cost of this yourself.

Nevertheless, the Tribunal will assume the cost of an interpreter for persons who are hearing-impaired and for accused persons suffering from a mental disorder who are appearing before the Review Board for mental disorder.

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