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Evaluation for professional development purposes


As of January 1st, 2006, the judges of the Tribunal administratif du Québec hold office during good behavior. This additional guarantee of independence contributes to maintaining public trust in the Tribunal in a context where it is habitually called upon to resolve litigations between public bodies and citizens. This provision is accompanied by the President’s obligation to conduct periodic evaluations of the knowledge and skills of administrative judges in the exercise of their functions as well as their contribution to the processing of the Tribunal’s cases and the achievement of the objectives referred to in the Act respecting administrative justice.


Concerned with maintaining high standards of quality and continually striving to learn and develop their skills, administrative judges adhere to a system of evaluation for training purposes. It allows, with full respect for the judicial independence, every administrative judge to obtain feedbak on the way in which he discharge his duties in order to support and improve his professional practice, notably by a program of training and development adapted to his specific needs. 


It is in this spirit that the Tribunal administratif du Québec and its administrative judges have designed, in collaboration with the École nationale d’administration publique, a system of evaluation for professional development purposes adapted to their needs and their specific singularities. Firstly used after the hearing, the Tribunal extended this assessment to conciliation since April 1st 2013.


There are two objectives:


  1. To obtain transparent, continuous and direct feedback on the work done by administrative judges;
  2. Offer a professional development program designed to respond to the specific needs of each individual.


The administrative judges’ acceptance of the process of evaluation for professional development purposes testifies of their interest and their willingness to contribute to the improvement of the quality of service rendered by the Tribunal administratif du Québec.

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