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Complaints, comments and suggestions

Citizens are the main focus of our activities. That is why we pay particular attention to the quality of our services. To serve you better, your comments and suggestions are welcome.

If you are unhappy with our services despite our efforts to serve you well, you can contact us. We commit to respond within 20 business days.

You can provide us your comments and suggestions, or your complaint, in person at one of our offices or at one of the offices of the Court of Québec, Small Claims Division. You can also transmit them to us by mail or by telephone :

Tribunal administratif du Québec
Person in charge of quality of services
Office of the Chair
575 Rue Jacques-Parizeau, 5th Floor
Quebec (Quebec) G1R 5R4
Toll free: 1 866-680-1857, ext. 5050

If you wish to file a complaint with regard to the conduct of one of the Tribunal’s judges, you must communicate with the Conseil de la justice administrative.

Complaints regarding contract management

The Act to facilitate oversight of public bodies' contracts and to establish the Autorité des marchés publics (the Act) establishes the Autorité des marchés publics (AMP) to oversee the awarding of contracts by public bodies in order to ensure compliance with the normative framework of the tendering or awarding process.

According to the Act, each public body will designate an individual to process complaints filed regarding contract management. To that effect, consult the Procédure concernant le traitement des plaintes en matière de gestion contractuelle (French version only).

If you disagree with the Tribunal’s decision regarding the processing of your complaint, or if the Tribunal did not process your complaint within the time limit, contact the Autorité des marchés publics.

Disclosure of wrongdoings relating to public bodies

The Act to facilitate the disclosure of wrongdoings relating to public bodies (Act) has been in force since May 1, 2017. It allows anyone to safely disclose a wrongdoing committed within a public body. This text is part of the Québec government's efforts to strengthen the integrity management framework of the Québec Public Administration.

Examples of wrongdoings:

  • A contravention of a law or regulation applicable in Québec;
  • A serious breach of the standards of ethics and professional conduct;
  • A misuse of funds or property belonging to a public body, including the funds or property it manages or holds for others;
  • Gross mismanagement within a public body, including an abuse of authority;
  • An act or omission that seriously compromises a person's health or safety or the environment.
  • The fact of ordering or advising a person to commit one of these wrongdoings is also considered a wrongdoing.

As for the government employee:

Under the Act, each public body appoints a person responsible for receiving internal disclosures from employees. Only staff members of the organization can refer to this person.
For this purpose, you can consult the Procédure facilitant la divulgation d'actes répréhensibles au Tribunal administratif du Québec (French version only)
If you are not a staff member of the Tribunal, you must contact exclusively the Québec Ombudsman.

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