The Hearing

Place and date of hearing

The Tribunal will send you a letter indicating the date, time and location where you must attend for the hearing. This letter is a "notice of convocation". It is also sent to:

  • the department, agency or municipality concerned;
  • your lawyer or, to any other representative if the law allows you to have one;
  • any other party.


It is important that you attend the hearing since the Tribunal can render a decision in your absence.


For a complete list of cities where a hearing may be held, consult the list of hearing locations.

If it is impossible to be present on the date set by the Tribunal, you may make a written request to the Tribunal, as soon as possible, for this date to be changed.


Your request must indicate the reasons why you cannot be present. You must also transmit a copy to the department, agency, or municipality whose decision you are contesting, and to any other party to the hearing.


The Tribunal will decide if it agrees to change the date.

The schedule of the hearings, called « rôle des audiences » allows you to check the time and the date of a hearing. This roll indicates among other things the number of files, the names of the parties and the location of the hearing.


To consult the roll of the Tribunal hearings, click here.

If everyone who must participate in the hearing is in agreement, the hearing may be held at a distance by visio-hearing.

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