Place and date of conciliation

When a conciliation session is scheduled, the Tribunal will send you a letter indicating the day, the time and the place of this session.


Conciliation sessions take place in all regions of Quebec, usually within the vicinity of your residence. If you live in a remote region, the Tribunal may, on an exceptional basis, agree to arrange a session by videoconference. To make use of this service, contact the Tribunal.

if it is impossible to be present on the date set by the Tribunal, you may make, as soon as possible, a written request to the Tribunal for this date to be changed.


Your request must indicate the reasons you cannot be present.


The Tribunal will decide if it agrees to change the date.

You should always inform the Tribunal of changes your coordinates (telephone, address, etc.) and those of your lawyer or, if the law allows you to have one, of any other representative.


Please note that you can inform the Tribunal of a change of address by email at the following address:

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