Our pledges to you

Our commitment to citizens, set out in the Declaration of services to citizens, affirms the Tribunal’s desire to provide quality services to citizens. They are mainly directed at persons who have filed a proceeding before the Tribunal.

We pledge to:

  • Welcome you promptly to our offices in Quebec City or Montreal;
  • Treat you with courtesy and respect;
  • Identify ourselves
  • Open your file and acknowledge receipt of your application within five working days of its receipt;
  • Respond promptly to your call or call you back the following working day at the latest;
  • Provide you with service in French or in English on request;
  • Give you information as to the progress of the hearing after the sending out of the notice of hearing; and
  • Welcome you and guide you when appear for a hearing or a conciliation session at the Quebec City or Montreal office

We pledge to :

  • Provide you with the information you need, ensuring that our staff has the necessary qualifications.
  • Help you to draft your motion to institute a proceeding or your request for a postponement. However, we cannot give you legal advice or analyze your proceeding’s chances of success.
  • Provide to you, on request, the contact information of the principal agencies that can help you in the preparation of your proceeding (ex. : Legal Aid, Quebec Bar, etc. );
  • Put at your disposal the Tribunal’s rules of procedure; you may obtain a copy at our offices, by mail, by fax or on our website; and
  • Make our forms available on our website.

We pledge to :

  • Help you to file your motion to institute a proceeding, which may be done by mail, by fax, or by presenting yourself at our offices or to a clerk’s office of the Court of Quebec, Small Claims Division;
  • Communicate with you in simple and clear language and provide you with all the information needed to contact us;
  • Provide you with a telephone number that is toll-free everywhere in Quebec;
  • Offer services every working day from 8:30a.m. to 4:30 p.m. without interruption and provide voice mail service outside of these hours;
  • Hold hearings and conciliation sessions in all regions of Quebec, in premises that contribute to the smooth running of these activities;
  • Provide you with copies of documents you have requested within five working days, upon payment of a fee, if applicable;
  • Allow you to consult the Tribunal’s published decisions at our offices;
  • Facilitate, through conciliation, an amicable settlement of your proceeding; and
  • Conduct performance reviews with respect to our commitments and make the results of these reviews available to the public.

You must:

  • Inform us in the event of a change of address or your coordinates,and
  • Ensure that your case is ready for hearing or conciliation as soon as possible:


As soon as you file your proceeding:

Make the necessary arrangements to obtain an expert report (if needed), file it with Tribunal and send a copy to the other party.

Choose a lawyer if you intend to be represented.

Determine the witnesses you wish to have testify.

Send us all documents you deem necessary for the processing of your case as soon as possible.


As soon as you receive the notice of hearing:

Make sure your availability is same as that of your witnesses, if any.

Make sure you are in possession of all the documents that you wish to use.


  • Submit your request for a postponement in writing as soon as possible, if a postponement of the hearing or the conciliation session is unavoidable.

We undertake to improve our services by taking your suggestions and comments into account and by handling within 20 days of its receipt any complaint sent to:


Tribunal administratif du Québec


Office of the Chair
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Toll free: 1-800 567-0278, ext.3030
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